Welcome to Robot Reviews!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Robot Reviews.com – or as we like to call it, Roomba Review 2.0!

For those of you who are new to our site, Welcome.  While we may seem like a brand spanking new site, we have actually been around for over 5 years!  This site started as a small community site dedicated to our beloved Roomba vacuum.  What started as a small fan site has slowly and steadily grown into one of the largest robot communities on the web!  And so, we outgrew our little roombareview website, and have grown into RobotReviews.com. 


As you might expect, we will be covering all types of robots, far and wide.  No robot is too big or too small.  It’s a daunting task to try to cover every robot in the world, and so we need your help to do it!  This site is your site.  Not only can you discuss robots, ask questions and share information in our friendly robot message board over at Robot Chat, you can also start your own Robot Blog, Submit a Robot News Story, help contribute to the world’s largest Robot Wiki, you can even write your own Robot Review and maybe even have it featured on the front page!


If this site seems a little rough around the edges, don’t worry, we will be working around the clock to add content, fix bugs, add new features and listening to your comments and suggestions.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them in Robot Chat.  


I’ll be posting site updates regularly on this blog, so make sure to stay tuned, and feel free to browse around and maybe start a blog of your own. 






  1. Did iRobot give you a hard time about using their trademark Roomba in your website name?

  2. Great Work Craig! You have worked so hard in getting the new website up and running. Thank You for the hard work and determination in getting this website up.

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